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We can go as far back as the Bible and Angels are mentioned there.  Sometimes people ask why do things always go wrong in our lives  If the Angels are here to help others and ourselves.  Sometimes Angels are not allowed to interfere with the plan.  And sometimes these are just lessons that we put on earth to learn they can ease us through difficult situations and help us through any pain that we are going through, but there is one very important thing.  We don't have to forget....  We have to give them permission to help us.  I think somehow people forget that.

Just ask!....  It's as easy as that.  They are always there listening and waiting to be on hand to help in any way they can.  When you have asked for the help from your Angels, please never forget to thank them, you can always call on your angel at any time.  For help, guidance or protection

Send good thoughts, good energy and love and protection. Angels are never allowed to intefere.There is of course an Angel Hierarchy,  Angels are divided into three spheres  The third sphere of the Angels are usually called Guardian Angels. Many Angels are assigned the role of guardians of the Earth and protectors of humans. Many millions more have roles in heaven and other realms and plains of existence.

On the second day, God created the Angels with their natural propensity to good in Psalm 148 it says. Praise the Lord from the heavens praise him in the Heights praise him or his Angels praise him all his host let them praise the name of the Lord for he commanded and they were created, we should always pray to the Angels for they are given to us as guardians Angels not to interfere with our free will
Angels are reported to leave calling cards... if you have asked for a specific task or have asked for help for others i have often found a feather... not just a small feather but a larger white feather.. they just seem to appear from nowhere... these are said to be signs from the Angelic  Realms that they are listening to you and are in their own way answering.


One of the Angels that people seem to know in Archangels is Archangel Michael, he is a great protector, whenever you need help with protection call upon Archangel Michael ask him to put his blue coat of protection around you and for no negativity to be allowed near you.  I often call upon Archangel Michael as I feel closest to Michael and Raphael than any.
So Archangel Michael is the Archangel of protection and battles.  He is always there, he will never let you down.  He will always protect you.

The next Archangel that I talk to a lot is Archangel Raphael Raphael is the healing  Archangel whenever you need healing sent always ask Archangel Raphael to intervene and send healing to that particular person or persons. Archangel Raphael and his healing band of Angels are always there to help you in any way they can.  All they need is for you to ask
 The next Archangel is Archangel Gabriel.  He is known as the heavenly communicator it is known that his communication skills he is the angel that gave our Mother Mary the news that she was expecting Jesus, Gabrielis known to help with visions and young children Gabriel is a peacemaker.Gabriel can be male/female

The next Archangel is Archangel Uriel he's the Archangel that helps following natural disasters such as hurricanes earthquakes fires and floods so always ask Archangel Uriel if you need help with any natural disasters.

The next Archangel is Archangel is Zadkiel.  He is the Archangel that helps you give kindness toward yourself forgiveness toward yourself and others and is a very gentle Archangel.

The next Archangel is Archangel Metatron  .  He is a very important Archangel.  He is the keeper of the Akashic  records also known as the book of life.  He is the most powerful of all the archangels.  If you need help with spiritual gifts call upon this Archangel.  Archangel Metatron .  He also helps with medical issues and healing as does Raphael.

Have you ever been in such deep despair and have you prayed so hard for someone to come and help you and then suddenly from nowhere, someone somehow comes in to help you.  I have had this happen to me and sometimes there's just no explanation why at that certain moment that you desperately need help someone comes and helps you I have no idea how this happens, but it truly does.  I believe in angels wholeheartedly and often ask for their help.

Have you heard of the parking Angels… I know a little bit far-fetched, you may say but I ask every single time and I have never been let down yet always ask a little while before you get to your destination.  Ask them to find a parking spot.  It always works for me, even in the busiest places give it a try.  You have absolutely nothing to lose and it's quite fun. 

The people that are draining you and people that are giving you negative energy.  You can actually cut all cords with this particular person.  All you do is sit quietly.  Imagine a pair of scissors cutting the cord between you and that particular person and asking Archangel Michael to assist you ...cut the cords that are draining you of your energy and always say thank you.  At the end.  Imagine yourself and that person are no longer attached to each other that will clear any negative energy.  The person draining your energies and vitality will be cut free.  When this is done, open your crown chakra and ask for all the negative energy to be taken out of you and to go to the universe were it can cause no harm.  Then imagine the bright white gold light the Christ light filling your crown chakra like a milky fluid going into every part of your body, every nerve every muscle every organ every blood vessel filling you completely with the bright white gold light of Christ, then close your crown chakra step into your bubble of protection.  Always, always keep this around you.  I always fill the bubble with light as well.  And of course have the roots from your feet going into mother Earth for grounding  seal the bubble which should be 4 inches (10.16 cm) below your feet 4 inches (10.16 cm) above your head make it inpenitratable and this should help you get rid of your attachments to negative people.