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Doing distant Reiki is a little different than the spiritual healing. With Reiki, symbols are used to send the distance healing. The japanese name of this symbol means 'The origin of all is pure consciousness' I also call in my Reiki masters past present and future and all the Ascended masters. You can send it for a specific time or place. You can send the distance healing symbol to heal emotional pasts that have left you guilt ridden or pasts that have left deep emotional scars. Please dont read this and dismiss it because i know through personal experience it does work.Try hard not tobeblinkered in your thoughts because being blinkered inhibits your mind . I am afraid i am of the old fashioned group, i do not give any symbols till the second degree Reiki has been given. I know you can get these symbols but of what use are they if you havnt been taught with the greatest respect how to use them properly.  Distant Reiki is yet another powerful tool to be used with love and respect.
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