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           .     DISTANT HEALING.
Now i wonder if any of my readers have tried distant healing. It is wonderful, you may say how can it work there is no connection between the healer and the client. I can tell you from experience it does work.We have so many healers working on your behalf all for good. My personal hero was the late absolutely GREAT Harry Edwards. He did so many miraculous healings his motto if you can call it that was simplicity, he never made it hard work. I myself always attune in the quiet, just my way, others may do things differently no way is right or wrong whatever you feel most comfortable with. myself and our other healers use the gmt time zone of 10 p.m and we discuss cases to see if 10 a.m. healing is required as well. Healing prayers are then sent out for the higher good of the person or persons concerned. Healing is a gentle gradual thing. It can never harm but can do so so much good.
Another of my hero healers was the late GREAT Betty Shine, she was a medium, healer a great authority on vitamins and a wonderful lady you must read her books, i believe her daughter Janet is doing wonderful things now too with healing and mediumship. I will put a link on for Betty's books for you all. Harry Edwards books can be bought from the link at The Harry Edwards Sanctuary.
Please take advantage of our Distant Healing there is no charge i really am a genuine healer that cares passionately about my work. I have been doing this work for  a long long time and i pray the trust you have in myself and our wonderful healers will be rewarded. From our hearts we care .