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                        .MAGNET THERAPY.
.Magnet therapy is a unique science in which magnets are used for prevention and curing of the body. All of the modes of treatments that have developed in recent times, magnet therapy is one of the most effective and complete. This form of therapy has aroused hope for many. Zealous search is being carried out all over the world. Magnet therapy is a simple,safe and effective treatment having no harmful side effects. Magnets have been used in physics, industry and commerce since long ago but their effect on living beings, through ancient in origin has only just been reviewed.
In Egypt Cleopatra wore a small magnet in an amulet to preserve her youth. At the back of the forehead is the pineal gland, this is quite small about the size of a pine nut. The pineal is the home to melatonin, which is secreted by the gland a night. Melatonin is also a powerful antioxidant and is now being hailed as the youth hormone due to its potential for cell repair and anti aging.
When a magnet is applied to the body muscles and soft tissue, it lengthens and relaxes.
  • Magnet therapy helps alleviate pain and  improves the mobility of arthritic joints.
  • eases stress,depression and promotes sound sleep.
  • aides recovery of nerve sensations.
  • aids recovery of torn muscles, tendons and ligaments.
  • reduces bruising and swelling.
  • speeds recovery in sports injurys.
  • increase resistance to infection.
  • improves circulation.
  • helps the removal of waste products from the blood i.e. lactic acids. calcium,cholesterol and fat deposits.
  • speeds healing bone fractures.
  • increases energy and strength.
  • help recovery or can prevent R.S.A./ carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • alleviates migraines and headaches.
  • improves overall health.
Did you know that the British Football Association and the medical advisers from FIFA regularly use magnets in the sport.the relief from pain associated with conditions such as chronic lower back pain. tendonitis, hamstring pulls and muscular inflammation  these marvellous magnets work ,work, work. There is no longer any doubt about the effectiveness. It is estimated that well over 70% of senior p.g.a. players regularly use magnets...In tennis Linzi Davenport had stopped playing due to tennis elbow, she had been having intense physio for 6 months then a friend recommended magnets. she never looked back. Jimmy Conners when he used to play used them for his knee, so did John McEnroe. Bill Romanowski credits magnets for getting him pain free
 Scientific studies conducted on animals involving magnetised water concluded that after 3 years of use unexpectedly resulted in... the 85 cows that drank the water regularly produced one extra litre of milk per day and because they were healthier and stronger they also conceived more easily. Their calves weighed more at birth and were also leaner.Magnetised water has been tested on lethargic animals in lab settings and they in a short time became ore active and playful. It is so logical that if magnetised water has this effect on animals and plants it must have similar effects on humans, in Japan and Russia and other countries have used magnetised water to establish metabolic balance and improve general vitality. Drinking magnetised water on a regular basis over a long period not only eliminates digestive problems it also helps generate tissue. magnetised water is also a diuretic.... i truly cannot endorse  NORSTAR  enough i love them.
.I have tried many magnets. NORSTAR really are the best.They are fantastic they really really do work. i could not be without my Norstar magnets i have just about everyone all the family swear by them. when you know they are used on olympic athletes , top golfers even the top  racehorses use the magnassage. i use it on my dog when arthritis sets in.. please believe me when i say i think they are fantastic. All i know is they work.
This is from the B.B.C. news.Magnets may offer a way to boost Mental performance United StatesResearch suggests.

Scientists in New York promoted the growth of the new neurons in the brains of mice using a magnetic stimulus in the region associated with memory.

Presenting the results at the AmericanAcademy for neuroscience conference,the researchers said the results may lead to treatments for Alzheimer's.

However,if proven the technique is more likely to be a way of slowing progress of the disease than a cure.

Experts said the work was encouraging but would need to be replicated in humans.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (T M S )Has been used to treat certain disorders, including depression and schizophrenia And to rehabilitate people after a stroke.

It used a magnetic coil to introduce electrical fields in the brain , Which activates or deactivates groups of neurons.
To look at the effect of TMS on growth neurons,Dr Fortunato Battaglia and Dr Hoau-Yan Wang At city UniversityIn New York,Gave mice that therapy for five days and then examined their brains,New Scientist Magazine reported.

They found large increases in the proliferation of stem cells Immature cells that go on to develop into nerves and other kind of tissueIn a part of the brain called the Denate Gyrus Hippocampus.

These cells divided throughout life and are believed to play a crucial role in memory and mood regulation.

In particular they found one receptor in the cells was activated.

A subsequent studyWhich is due to be published shortly showed that the activity of this receptor declines in mice and humans with Alzheimer's disease.

Brain recovery

Taking the two studies together,Dr Battaglia Said there were important implications of neurorehabilitation.

When you have a stroke there is an area that is damaged and there are several ways your brain can recover.

One is that the area which is not damage will have to work more and it's that we can promote with brain stimulation.

He added that the hippocampus is much deeper in the brains of humans so it would be important to make sure the technique could produce the same effect as in mice.

But it might improve symptoms or delay progression of things like Alzheimer's diseaseHe added.

Prof Vincent Walsh from the Institute of cognitive neuroscience at University College London said the findings were a good first step.

There are lots of examples of TMS enhancing function in some way but we have never been able to explain the mechanics of how it might work.

The work is particularly encouraging for the use of brain stimulation in chrdisease such onic as strokeAnd dementia.

The challenge now is to find ways of combining stimulation with drug therapies

Prof Clive Ballard,Director of research at the Alzheimer's Society saidThis is a potentially interesting piece of work but his preliminary study in mice.

Further research is now needed before we can find out if TMS is a useful treatment approach for Alzheimer's disease in humans. 
so you see magnets are really being researched for cures for many things....