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.               THE MAYANS AND 2012.
We are now going through a transition. For Mayans everything is in numbers.By 2012 we will have gone beyond technology seemed to have burnt our boats so to speak. The Mayan fifth world began in 1987 and the sixth starts in 2012, so we are this moment in time in between dimensions, the earth is changing now we can either be aligned and the process can be easy or it can be catrastophic. It is up to ourselves. We are now in the process of transition from one world to another. We are now in the fifth which includes evolution, earthquakes movement shifts and storms. We are said to have entered the fifth on august 13, 3113,b.c We are in the middle of this so critical time this old world is dying and a new one hopefully will begin.
This world in which we live in today is unfortunately  full of fear, such brutality and so much pain  and isolation .Corruption and pure greed are rife, Where has the pure love and the sense of just giving gone.
.It has been proved that earths magnetic fields are dropping, this is also proved with  the migration of birds and animals.