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                            I AM CROW.
              .       THE ART OF SMUDGING.
.I have always smudged, i suppose its a personal thing really but i find it purifies. I smudge my students and learn them to smudge each other and smudge the room or rooms. It clears the atmosphere of any negativity and leaves the person and home negative free.
                    Native Americans have done this for so long .The theory is that the smoke attaches itself to any negative energy and clears the space . It is always i find good to have a door open so the energy can be released. Smudging is very effective for anyone that suffers from depression or  feeling angry at situations. It can also be used to smudge...(cleanse) crystals,gemstones or your home.
                Did you know that incense has been used for thousands of years. It can even be traced back to ancient Egypt. It has been mentioned on an inscribed tablet that was placed on the Sphinx at Giza, in about 1530 B.C....It has been used successfully for many many years.You can use your hands or a feather, i love using the feather to lightly brush/blow the magical smoke over the recipient,home or the area you want to cleanse. Any area that feels uncomfortable to you, you know if you get that 'gut feeling'  smudge , smudge and smudge again.I use sage to drive away any negative energy. To me it does'nt always mean anything bad but it more than often means, we have had a really bad day or how much bad luck can we survive. Smudge it all away and try so very hard to think positive thoughts because you know the more you think negative,  believe me, negative things are drawn to you. So even if things are bad for you ,reverse psychology, think think think fabulous, it will happen.  You can use clay or stone bowls for smudging.Some North American Indians do not like abalone shells being used.. it is a matter of preference for the user.Smudging has to be done with care and consideration as the plants that are being burnt are the unseen power of  cleansing.
Respect always and Honour.I always say a prayer when smudging .
Sage is burnt to  drive out bad spirits, negative energy and stops negative energy from entering the home. I use white sage i find this is good for smudging and clearing negativity.
Cedar is burnt to purify,it drives out negativity but it also brings in good influences.The cedar is very old and considered wise..always offer prayers.
Sweet grass is a rare today...If you do buy it it's best to  buy it from Native American retail stores as by doing this you will be supporting the Natives that are trying so hard to stop the fields from being depleted.It has been severely cut from development.So buying it from the Native Shops will help them.Sweetgrass brings in good spirits and good influences...
These are the 3 that i use mostly but of course there are many to choose from.Its all about choice and what feels right for you.