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                               JOSEPHINE WALL
  • Create closeness with yourself.
  • Allow closeness with other people.
  • Understand the deeper meaning of relationships.
  • To apply the 5 Reiki Principles.
  • Develop your sensitivity.
  • Give up claims to power.
  • Base your lifestyle on the trust of A Higher Power.
  • Understand the eternal laws of energy exchange.
  • Feel Gods presence.
  • Accept your emotions.
1.... Just for today do not anger.
Anger is an emotion that is experienced because of the past, it can often be suppressed and carried through life. The principle does not say do not anger tomorrow, but rather just for today- choose to let your anger go,live in the NOW not the past.
2....Just for today do not worry.
Worry is related to perceptions of the future- the what if's of the world, what if will/will not happen. What purpose does this serve? Why worry about that which has probably won't happen, live in the NOW not the future.
3....just for today i will do my work honestly.
Again we have chosen our path, in advance according to the lessons required by the soul. this includes our work. to honour brings satisfaction, value and respect of what one does today, not yesterday, not tomorrow , but TODAY.
4....Just for today i will give thanks for my many blessings.
We are all part of a whole, not better, not lesser, but a part of. At a soul level we are all linked we are all one Any cruelty be it to another human being, or animal, a plant or even a thought form, is showing cruelty  and to oneself and to all else that exists.
5.... Just for today i will be kind to my neighbour and every living thing.
There are many that believe that before we incarnate we choose our parents and our siblings and our experiences, these are to help us with our learning. If we do not honour our choice then it is the self that is being denied. Live for the NOW and APPRECIATE.
                       Seichim can be spelt in numerous ways but all means the same.  Seichim was discovered in Egypt by Patrick Zeigler .Seichim is an advancement on Reiki it comes from the same source but it raises the vibration to open up more.It contains 4 rays ... Sakara..... (fire)...Water...(sophiel)...Reki...(earth) and the Angelic Light....(air, spirit, energy. Seichim is the angelic light it heightens the the whole healing experience. I'm afraid i do not teach Seichim to students that have not already taken the Reiki 1 and 2.
                          I do all attunments in the comfort and healing atmosphere of my home where i make people feel its a magical experience. I do small groups, or 1 to 1 Please call me for any information on the above number. Distance healing  is sent if requested i do not charge for that ,animals are of course included. I like to think i can give back a little of the gifts i have, to benefit people that are so in need and yet cannot travel. I will always take time to be here for you. My students will always find me at the other end of a phone or in person to help them along the way. Just because you have done your classes and attunments you are not on your own. I will always be here to support you.  
.I am a qualified Reiki Master/Teacher and  also  qualified Sechim Master. I am also qualified in QuantumTouch healing.
                      HEALERS U K 2006.
I am  a qualified healer/tutor for Healers U.K 2006.
 Healing has been my life for many years now. It full fills me in so many ways and if you feel that you can in some small way help people, maybe this is for you, you lose absolutely nothing but gain so so much. It enriches your life and i believe fills your soul.   please call for more information
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